Office community

«Schiffbau Rechtsanwälte» is an office community of independent and self-employed attorneys at law; each attorney conducts his or her mandates on his or her own responsibility. The individual lawyers do not act as a partnership and are not liable for each other. The establishment of a client-lawyer relationship with one of the lawyers does not lead to a contractual relationship with the other lawyers, unless this has been expressly agreed with the client.


This website is for information purposes only and cannot establish a contractual relationship with any attorney of Schiffbau Rechtsanwälte.

The links provided are for the purpose of forming opinions. We do not necessarily agree with the opinions expressed there.

We maintain this website and the links regularly. However, we cannot guarantee that they are correct or up-to-date, nor that they are free of viruses at all times. We recommend that you keep your virus protection up to date at all times.

This website is protected by copyright. Unless otherwise noted, the content may be used in accordance with the Creative Commons license “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International” or “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Switzerland” within Switzerland.


The reception of e-mails may be disrupted for technical or other reasons. We reserve the right to destroy e-mails with potentially dangerous content. We must disclaim any liability for loss of or damage caused by e-mails. The sending of e-mails to us does not have the effect of meeting deadlines. Instructions by e-mail shall only be deemed accepted if they have been expressly confirmed by us by return message. We process our e-mails regularly, but we cannot guarantee timely processing. For urgent or important messages we strongly recommend to ask for a confirmation of the recipient or to use mail, courier or fax.

Communication via e-mail is neither secure nor confidential.

When communicating by e-mail, attorney-client privilege cannot be guaranteed. Despite this risk, if we receive an e-mail, we assume that we are permitted to respond by e-mail and continue to communicate in this manner.

We work with the Swiss company PrivaSphere, which offers a technical solution for e-mails that guarantees extensive confidentiality and traceability of communications according to the state of the art. Talk to us if this option interests you.